Innovations for Bioanalytical Systems

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Analytical Instruments

New! pocketFLOW ®


Mobile Flow Cytometer (FCM) platform,

battery operated.


New! pocketSPU

High speed and compact autoloader and sample processor for flow cytometers. Full automation with CyPAD software.


Bioanalytical Instruments

Biophotonic OEM instruments for dedicated nano– and microparticle analysis.


New! CyPAD ®


Software for cytometer automation and worklist processing.


FloMax ®


Software for multiparameter data analysis, instrument control, and data acquisition for flow cytometry for Windows.


Analytical Instrument Software (OEM)

Dedicated data analysis, instrument control, automation, and data acquisition software developed according to OEM requirements.


FCM Control Modules

Modular parallel signal processing and instrument control systems for flow cytometers.


Laser Modules (OEM)

OEM solid state laser modules from 10 mW to 200 mW with various UV to near IR wavelengths.