Innovations for Bioanalytical Systems

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Quantum Analysis develops and produces bioanalytical solutions and finest biophotonic instrumentation and components.

Our passion is to offer innovative solutions based on most powerful, miniaturized, and efficient analytical instrument designs. We take up the challenge to evaluate and reach ultimate precisions at quantum analytical detection limits, having in mind the benefit of humans.

Quality is stringently controlled by Quantum Analysis’ TÜV certified quality management system according to ISO9001:2008.

Application examples of our products are innovative flow cytometry and microscopy based opto-analytical instruments.

Quantum Analysis is a privately hold company, following a long term strategy in serving current and future analytical requirements. QA was founded in 2000.

Fields covered by the multidisciplinary QA R&D team:

>     Instrumentation: application development for healthcare IVD and biotechnology

>     Biology: cell biology and biochemical labeling techniques

>     Optics: fluorescence detection with high quantum efficiency, LED and laser excitation sources

>     Fluidics: precise nanoliter fluidics control

>     Software: embedded instrument control and data analysis software using advanced object oriented programming techniques, 21CFR11 compliant software

>     Electronics: analogue and digital circuit design

>     Quality Management: for all company processes including development and production according to ISO and cGMP standards